Glass Reducing Adapter Connecting Female and Male Joints

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Glass Reducing Adapter Connecting Female and Male Joints

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Glass reducing adapter ,with smaller outer joint at top and larger inner joint at bottom,is used to connect dissimilar standard taper ground glass joints.

With interchangable ground taper joints,used in laboratories to quickly and easily fit leak-tight apparatus together?.For example, a round bottom flask, Liebig condenser, and take-off adapters?with ground glass joints may be rapidly fitted together to setup a distillation apparatus.

The ground joints on the reducing connecting adapter must be greased to ensure a proper seal.

How to grease the joints?

Insert the greased inner joint into the outer joint.Take care to keep grease away from the open end of the joint to avoid contaminating your reaction mixture.

The glass reducing adapter with taper joints are all made of borosilicate glass 3.3 by hand-blowing.